The Absorbnet Project

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The ETAG27 has been endorsed in January 2008 by EOTA. This document defines the technical performances a rock fall protection kit has to meet to get (CE) marking on the product. The rock fall protection market is growing rapidly (+17% p.a.) due to the new consciousness of safety, not only for existing infrastructures, but also for future ones for whom safety is considered at conception stage.

ETAG27 will come into force as from 2014. At this time only certified rock fall protection kit will be authorised to be retailed. ETAG27 raises a technical challenge in the case of high energy rocks.

So a new solution is needed to create a new rock fall protection kit based on a new concept to get enhanced performances by specific innovations specially optimised for rock fall protection context:

  • New optimised absorbing material.
  • New set-up processing for materials.
  • New optimised net weaving.

ABSORBNET (2011-2012) will offer to the market a new generation of rock fall protection kits based on new knowledge technology. Moreover the net will be designed not only to meet ETAG27 requirement but also to minimise the remaining stress on anchorages below a level that allow installation of rock fall protection kit in every ground type.

Such a new concept based solution will represent a large improvement within the concerned market. Thanks to the

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